Expoartesano is one of the country’s most important commercial showcases for artisans. The 2023 edition begins on July 7th and will run until the 16th at Plaza Mayor in Medellín.

This fair brings together artisans from all corners of the country to offer visitors a representative sample of the highest quality artisanal production and to facilitate business opportunities and expansion, as well as visibility for the sector.

This year, the cultural offering will include the participation of multicultural artists from different regions of the country.


The Yellow Pavilion, called “Language of Music,” will host the artists at Expo Artesano.

The shows will be led by Colombian musician and activist David Kawooq, who is recognized for being part of the band Doctor Krápula. Also included in the programming are Asuntos Pendientes, Chalupa Travel, and the Filarmónica Joven de Colombia, among others.


Friday, July 7th: Santy Clap (3:30 pm) and Alto Grado (5:30 pm). Saturday, July 8th – Official Opening Day: Grupo llanero (12:00 pm), David Kawooq (1:30 pm), and La Tifa (5:30 pm). Sunday, July 9th: Filarmónica Embera Chamí (1:30 pm) Monday, July 10th: Chirimía Cumbé y Son (5:00 pm) Tuesday, July 11th: Papayera la Jeringoza (5:00 pm) Wednesday, July 12th: Red de escuelas de música (5:30 pm) and Bamba Circo (6:00 pm). Thursday, July 13th: Sol Resonante (2:00 pm and 4:00 pm) Friday, July 14th: Sol Resonante (2:00 pm) and Chalupa Travel (5:30 pm). Saturday, July 15th: Trova con Caballo Loco (2:00 pm) and Asuntos Pendientes (5:30 pm) Sunday, July 16th: Filarmónica Joven de Colombia (12:00 pm) and Caballo Loco (4:00 pm).

Expoartesano is the fair where you can immerse yourself in the culture, music, tradition, and gastronomy of different regions of the country. It allows you to discover the story behind each craft and delve into the connection of centuries-old threads reflected in the handicrafts and the memories of their creators. This fair is a tribute to the essence, the artisanal tradition, the customs, the daily life, and the knowledge of each of these men and women who hold the creative DNA of Colombians in their hands.